Importing Your SalesDialers Leads Into Liondesk

In order to begin the process of routing leads from SalesDialers to Liondesk, you must first contact SalesDialers and tell them you want to forward your leads to Liondesk. They must enable that connection.


SalesDialers Support  
Reach Out via Phone: 800-662-4009
Reach Out via Email:


After you have contacted SalesDialers and they have completed their process, you can begin routing leads from SalesDialers into Liondesk.


Log into your SalesDialers Agent account.


Go to your Menu on the left. Select Lead Vendors, then click Lead Export Settings in the left menu.


Find Liondesk in the list of Lead Providers and click the Edit button.

Input the Liondesk Username and Liondesk User Key For SalesDialers.


In order to get your Liondesk User Key for SalesDialers, you need to log into Liondesk CRM.

Click on Settings on the left, then click the 3rd Party Integrations tab along the top.

Find SalesDialers in the list and click the Enable button to reveal SalesDialers API Key. 

Copy that API key and paste it into the Liondesk User Key For Salesdialers field in your SalesDialers account. 


One thing to note is that lead data imports from SalesDialers to Liondesk, but Liondesk data does not export into SalesDialers. 







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