Dotloop Integration With LionDesk

Liondesk is now able to integrate with dotloop, a system that specializes in multiparty real estate transactions. This integration is limited for now, but it allows Liondesk users to assign loops, and thus tie transaction details to specific contacts. 

In order to start using dotloop in Liondesk, go to your Contacts page. If you do not have a dotloop account, create one for free here.

In your Contacts page, select the Actions dropdown menu. Click Manage Dotloops


Make sure that your web browser settings allow pop ups from Liondesk. If you see the window below, you need to allow pop-ups from Liondesk.


Once pop-ups are allowed, you will see this tab, prompting you to sign in.


Once you have signed in, click the blue Approve button. 


You will be given the option to either View Loops or Create Loop. 


Here are the fields available if you click Create a Loop!


Once a loop has been created within Liondesk, you will be able to view your loops. You can also change the profile from within the dropdown menu if there is a loop from another dotloop profile associated with the Liondesk Contact. 


To see property details, click the blue circle View next to the name of the loop. 


From within dotloop, to see loops created in Liondesk, click the Loops tab along the top. 


You will see all of your loops and you can switch between different dotloop profiles to see other loops. If you click the loop, here is what you will see. 



For now, you can only view or create loops within Liondesk. You can't utilize any of dotloops other fuctions within Liondesk just yet.

Loops created in dotloop cannot be attached to contacts in Liondesk, but loops created within Liondesk will appear in your dotloop profile. You cannot attach old loops from dotloop to contacts in Liondesk for now, even if the contact information is the same. 

You can only manage dotloops for Contacts that belong to you. You cannot create loops on shared or assigned contacts. 

With this initial integration with dotloop, there is the potential for more transaction history to be made available from within Liondesk and to expand upon what we offer in the Deals tab. 

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