What is LionDesk's pricing?

LionDesk currently offers one plan, our Pro-Plan. It has two payment options, you can go month-to-month for $25/month/user. If you would like to save a bit, you can go with the annual plan, which is $250/year/user (saving you $50 or 2 months!).

For new and interested users, check out LionDesk's free monthly trial!


The only add-on features we have are as follows:

Custom LionDesk Texting number (LionDesk provides a local area code number to text SMS messages from, but if you would like to take advantage of video texting, bulk text capabilities, and LionDesk's text2sell feature, the custom number is mandatory): $24/year With the custom texting number, you can send 1,000 text messages per month. Upgrade your account for an additional 1,000 text messages for $15 additional per month or 2,000 text messages for $25 additional per month.

LionDesk Power Dialer (Definitely recommended for making a large number of outbound calls!): Monthly package at $59/mo or three months package at $149

Video Text Messages: $24 for a pack of 500, or the popular $45 for a pack of 1000. These never expire and can be replenished as you please. (Video emails are at no additional charge!!)

There are no setup fees! Only the prices listed above.

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