Difference Between Sub Account Admin & Teams


When working as a team, anyone with a LionDesk subscription can be part of your team. You would add them to your team via invitation, and we have a video about creating teams and an article about adding team members.

With teams, they can pay for their own accounts, or the broker or team leader could pay for them, or have a hybrid of both. You can also be a part of multiple teams.

You have the option of having team sharing “ON” or “OFF,” and that button determines what information is shared. 

  • Team sharing on: Everyone within that team will be able to view each other contacts, calendars, share email templates, and assign tasks to each other.
  • Team sharing off: Each team member within that team will only be able to view their own LionDesk account along with any contact that is assigned to them by a contact owner.

Sub Account Admin

Sub Account Admin is located under Settings. Unlike with Teams, there are certain parameters that must be met before a Sub Account Admin is added to an account. In order to qualify, you must be paying for all of your agents' accounts. You don't have to be a broker to have Sub Account Admin added to your account, you can be a team leader/manager as long as you are paying for everyone's account.

It is a feature that gives you more oversight, as Sub Account Admin can see the last time their agents logged in, as well as most recent notes, texts, and calls. They can see which leads have been assigned and who has been claiming the leads that come in. 

Here is what it looks like.


Broker Admin also enables control over the following:

  • Ownership of all NEW contacts
  • Contact activity alerts
  • Lead sources
  • Contact hotness levels
  • Contact types
  • Custom contact fields

With Sub Account Admin, if someone leaves your brokerage or team, you can remove them from Sub Account Admin settings. If you want to setup Sub Account Admin on your account, go to the tab under “settings” with the email address of the accounts you wish to be added to your brokerage. 

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