Integrating Placester IDX with LionDesk

1. Find your unique Liondesk email address.

2. Log into your Placester IDX account. Make sure you are logged into the back-office section.

3. Go to "Site Settings"


4. Scroll down to the "More" section and click "Lead Capture."


5. You are now in "Lead Capture Settings." The image below is from an upgraded one. The standard view only shows "Passively Capture Leads" and "Actively Capture Leads."


6. Scroll down and near the bottom, you will see "Lead Forwarding." Enter your unique LionDesk email address in the "Email Addresses" field and click "Save."


7. Go back into LionDesk and add Placester IDX as a Lead Type in Lead Import Setup. This is located under "Settings," then "Lead Distribution and Team Settings." You have the option of setting up an auto responding drip campaign for leads that come in through Placester IDX, like the example below.


8. Send a test lead through to make sure the integration is set up correctly, and then you're all done!


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