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LionDesk has a social media search feature that allows social media profiles and other information to be tied to a new contact's profile within 24 hours of creation. You are capturing demographic and social data the instant a new contact is added. Whether they come in through a lead integration, lead import via csv, Text or Call 2 Sell, or through Google Sync, if the email address or phone number and name match social media information, it will be tied to their contact profile.

With this enhanced functionality, LionDesk can now identify +600M phone numbers with the following data points: Name, Address, Email, Carrier, Line Type, Secondary Phone, Age, Gender, Household Income, Marital Status, Presence of Children, Home Owner Status, Home Market Value, Length of Residence, High Net Worth, Occupation, Education Level, Twitter Handle & Followers, Facebook Profile & Followers, and LinkedIn profile.


Here is an example of what information is pulled when I created a contact profile for Gabriela. At the top of the contact profile, you see her LinkedIn profile photo has been added.


If you scroll down on the page, you will also see which social media profiles were linked to this contact. In this case, based on her email address, her LinkedIn account and current job has been added to her contact profile.


Note: Not all contacts will be linked to their online presence. It is based off of their phone number, email address, and name. In the event that the wrong social media information is tied to the contact, LionDesk cannot unattach that information. You would need to create a new contact.

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