Stop a Drip Campaign when a contact replies to your text message

You can set Auto Pilot campaigns to automatically stop after a text reply from client is received! In order for this to work, you must have a LionDesk custom phone number. 

1. On the Marketing tab, select “Autopilot Drip Campaigns”

2. You can either Edit or Add a new Auto Pilot Task on one of your campaigns. When the popup window appears, there will be the option below.


3. Choose yes on “Stop on Text Reply”.

On the campaign task list you will now see a “stop on reply” icon.



  • This option will end ALL tasks on a drip campaign. Text messages, emails and phone calls will automatically be completed and will discontinue the campaign.
  • If you want a certain amount of texts and emails to be sent before the campaign automatically stops, select the “stop on reply” option on a later task. For instance, if you want the lead to receive five texts before the campaign stops, select “stop on reply” on the fifth text message task.
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