Set Up Your LionDesk Account in 10 Steps

Welcome to LionDesk! This article will provide you 10 simple steps to setting up your LionDesk account to get you on the road to success with using your new integrated CRM. 


1. Import your contacts

Before closing a deal, managing a property, or even sending an email, you need leads for your business. This is why we suggest you begin by importing your contacts.

In the top right corner of your account select where it says “Welcome, (your name)” and then click on “Profile”. On the next page choose “Import New Contacts”. Make sure your file is a .CSV.


2. Customize your contact table

Tags are a simple, easy way to sort and filter contacts. On an individual contact’s profile, you will find a box that reads “enter new tags here”. Just above the contact’s name you’ll see “Contact Hotness.” This is a unique tag for quickly flagging contacts’ activity levels.

On the “Contacts” tab you can organize all your contacts alphabetically, by who you talked to last, and of course by tags. You can also add custom fields to all contacts for even more customization!

There is also a green “Columns” button that allows you to add new and remove old columns. With these you can organize your contacts table in any way you want.


3. Integrate your Lead Sources

The next step in getting started is routing leads into LionDesk so they can be automatically added to your contacts and started on auto responders.

LionDesk routes leads into your account in three different ways: API keys, email parsing, and Zapier. Each lead source provider will have unique instructions on routing into LionDesk using one of those three methods described. The quickest way to find the correct method for your lead source is to search through our help center. The help center should have an article on how to route your lead source into LionDesk.

Here’s a brief overview of the three methods:

API Keys - This is simplest method used. In Settings, jump into the “3rd Party Integrations” tab. In this list below, click enable next to your lead source provider. Copy this key and paste it into your lead source provider’s website.

Email Parsing – To do this, copy your unique LionDesk email address. Then sign into the back end of your lead source provider and paste this email address into the section where it allows you to select where that lead source provider sends lead notifications. LionDesk will receive that lead notification email and parse it into your account.

Zapier – We use Zapier as a middle man. For instance, if you have Facebook leads, you can set up Zapier to route the information and create a contact into LionDesk.

You can have your leads set up on a campaign directly when they are routed to LionDesk. Choose the lead source, what campaign and how you want it distributed.

Regardless of what method is used for your lead source provider, you MUST setup your lead routing. This is where you let LionDesk know how to handle a new lead that is routed into your account.


4. Set up your email signature

LionDesk makes it easy to apply your signature to any email. To set up your signature, go to your profile and click the “Edit” button next to the email signature box. Once you’ve written it (or pasted it from previous emails) click save.

Now that your email signature is saved in your profile, whenever you want it to appear at the end of an email, simply type in “ {{emailsignature}} ”.


5. Validate your phone number

To receive notifications on your phone, to use our click-to-call and click-to-text features, and to use our power dialer, you need to validate your number. To do this, go to your LionDesk profile and enter your cell phone number in the corresponding area. Then select “Click Here to Validate Number…”.

A window will appear with a number for you to type in on your phone when you receive our automatic verification call.

That’s it!


6. Get a custom phone number

A custom LionDesk phone number allows you to send text messages, bulk texts, video texts, it can be any area code you want, and it only costs you $24 for an entire year. (Without a custom number, your account is limit to a free amount of texts from a 954 area code.) Custom numbers also allow you to use our TEXT 2 SELL feature.

To get a custom number, click on "Manage Subscriptions & Limits" within your profile page.


7. Send out a mass/bulk email

Now that your emails are all spruced up with your signature, it’s time to send them out. With LionDesk you can easily send emails to all or specific groups of your contacts. In your “Contacts” tab, select the “Bulk Actions” button and then the “Bulk Email” button. You have the option to email all contacts or just those you’ve selected. And good news: when you send out bulk emails with LionDesk, they will appear as personal, individual emails to the recipients.

Next a window will appear where you can write your email or select a template. The larger the mass email, the longer it may take to send out. At the bottom of the window there are options to have the email sent out immediately or to schedule it for later.

Then click send!

(With LionDesk you can also send video emails. Our video emails aren’t links to videos, they’re actual inline videos that you record and send through LionDesk. Our users start with 5,000 emails a month. But if you ever run out you can purchase more.)


8. Send out a bulk text

Now that you have a custom phone number, you can send out mass texts in a very similar fashion to bulk emails. You can incorporate bulk texts into drip campaigns for a more versatile and personal marketing edge.

Go to your “Contacts” section and under the “Bulk Actions” tab select “Text Contacts”. A window will appear with the list of selected contacts along with a textbox to create the mass text message or ability to select a premade text template. (You can mass text up to 150 contacts.)


9. Explore drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are automatic tasks that send out prewritten messages to your clients. They are one of the most powerful tools CRMs provide. To begin, on the “Marketing” tab, select the “Auto Pilot Drip Campaigns” section. Here you will find premade campaigns made for you by LionDesk. They range from simple to extensive campaigns and are all ready to go, but you can edit them however you want.

LionDesk also allows for our users to share the campaigns they made amongst each other. You can share drips privately with other agents and explore the vast database of our publicly shared campaigns among all users.

In the drip campaign section, you can view the tasks within each campaign and you can also create your own from scratch! To do this, you’d write each scheduled email or text in the drip as a “template” and then you’d input the templates into the campaign and assign when and to whom they’d be sent to. Tasks for campaigns are sorted chronologically by which will come out first.

Once you’ve lined up all the tasks for a drip campaign and turned it on, sit back and let it do the rest!


10. Closing your first deal with LionDesk!

On your “Properties” tab you will input the information for all the real estate you manage. In the “Deals” section your properties will be automatically organized for easy pipeline management. For many agents, pipeline management is crucial for closing deals and staying on top of business. Your Deals section makes this simple by letting you visualize your properties, allows you to mark them as won or lost, and stores data for all your offers. 


You are on the road to success!

Now that you’re able to create drip campaigns, send out mass texts and emails, automatically import lead sources and contacts, and organize properties, you have everything you need to close deals quicker and easier. Good luck!

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