Using LionDesk Codes

LionDesk gives you an emailing superpower that you might not be aware of: email codes.  These are key phrases which automatically input variable information into your emails, such as {{firstname}} , {{mobilephone}} , and {{emailsignature}}. When you put these in an email, LionDesk takes the information from the contact you’ve messaged and fills out the email with it.

Say you’ve sent an email starting with “Hello, {{firstname}}, how’ve you been?” to 50 contacts. Each contact will receive an email with their first name in the appropriate spot.


To see a full list of possible codes to use, click the “Create new email template” button in your Marketing tab. Then on the toolbox, click the “LionDesk” button next to the font and format buttons. Here you can input any premade or custom codes LionDesk has.

Custom Field Codes

You can also create custom fields of information in the "Custom Contact Fields" of your Settings. When you add a new one, these fields will be able to be filled in on a contact's profile. Once you've done this, you can add a custom field code into an email template.

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