Separating Excel Columns for Contact Importing

Sometimes a contact's name and phone number will be in the same column and make your spreadsheet difficult to import into LionDesk. Here's how to separate a column's data into two columns.

(Because you are editing large amounts of data, you should be safe and save a copy of your contacts CSV file before doing this.)

  1. First, you will insert two columns to the right of your contact's data
  2. Copy all the data from the original column and paste it in the first new column.
  3. Highlight the pasted column, then select the Data tab and click "Text to Columns."
  4. Click next and select the character that divides your data. For example: a hyphen, a comma, or a space. The preview shows how your information will be split into the other columns.
  5. Click "Finish".


If that doesn't work, there are different ways to separate on Microsoft's official website.


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