Mobile App: Tasks

Creating a new task

On your tasks tab, select the pink plus to create a task. Here you can set your task to be a call, meeting open house, etc. You can also associate the task with a specific contact and choose if you want LionDesk to remind you that the task is due.

Task Buckets

To add your new task to a bucket, select Type and then "Place in Bucket". Task Buckets are used to organize tasks that you may need to get done, but there isn't a particular date that it needs to be done by. Your LionDesk app is pre-loaded with three buckets: 'Now', 'Later', and 'Sometime in the Future' to get you started.

Editing or deleting a task

To change information on a task or to mark is as complete, tap and hold on the task until the "Edit task" window appears.

Viewing certain tasks

Tap the three dots in the corner of your tasks tab to view only specific tasks, such as overdue tasks, upcoming tasks, and task buckets.

Completing a task

On your tasks menu, slide a task to the left to reveal the "complete" and "edit" buttons. When you complete a task it will be removed. You can view all previous completed tasks by tapping the three dots in the top right corner and selecting "completed tasks".

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