Cancel a Drip Campaign

Cancel a drip campaign for all contacts

If you assigned a drip campaign to multiple contacts and want to cancel them all simultaneously:

1. Go to your Marketing tab and select the "Auto Pilot Drip Campaigns" section

2. On the green table, all of your campaigns are listed. Select the "Actions" button next to the campaign you want to cancel, and then select "Complete Future Tasks on All Contacts".


Delete a Drip Campaign

To completely remove a drip campaign, click the Delete button on the "Actions" tab next to the Campaign of your choice.


Cancel a drip campaign for a single contact

To cancel an entire drip campaign for a single contact

1. Go to the contact's profile and select their "Marketing tab"

2. Under the "Active Auto Pilot Drip Campaigns" section, select "Remove Unfinished Tasks"


To cancel specific tasks in a drip campaign for a single contact

1. Go to the contact's profile and scroll to the bottom.

2. In the "AutoPilot Drip Campaign Tasks" table, you will find all past and future tasks for you client.

3. Select the check box next to each tasks you want to cancel. Canceled tasks will be crossed out.


You can also set up a drip campaign to stop when a text message from the contact is received.

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