How the LionDesk Texting Phone Number Works

After purchasing a LionDesk texting phone number - your clients will no longer see "954-XXX-XXXX" when texting with LionDesk. Now when sending text messages with LionDesk, your clients will see your LionDesk texting phone number

If you or your leads try to call the LionDesk texting phone number, all calls will be routed to your personal number that is validated in your LionDesk profile page. 

When a lead respond to your text messages sent through LionDesk, the text replies will be forwarded to your personal number that is validated in your LionDesk profile page as well as routed to your LionDesk account. 

The LionDesk Texting Phone Number also unlocks the features listed below: 
(Click to see more about these features!) 

Please note: LionDesk custom texting phone number has a limit of 1,000 text messages per month. You can upgrade your account for an additional 1,000 text messages for $15 additional per month or 2,000 text messages for $25 additional per month. Click here for steps to purchase: Buying an upgrade

Please note: LionDesk will only be able to send text messages from the free, "954", area code number or from the LionDesk custom phone number purchased. LionDesk will not be able to send text messages from your personal phone number or any other number owned by you. 

Please note: To verify your LionDesk Texting Phone Number, please go to your profile page: 

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