How to Mass Apply a Drip Campaign

  1. After you've created a drip campaign and written all its emails, go to your "Contacts" section
  2. Using the boxes on the left side of your column, select all the contacts you want to send your drip campaign to. Be sure to filter your contacts for easier sorting and selection. 
  3. Click the "Bulk Actions" button and highlight "Add drip campaign"
  4. Here you can choose to add a campaign to the contacts you selected, or to all of your contacts.
  5. A window will appear reading "Add New Auto Pilot Campaign Drip Campaign For X Contacts," select your desired campaign from the drop-down menu and click "Add Campaign." You're done!


If you want to see the future auto pilot tasks you've just assigned to a contact, go to the contact's profile and scroll down until you see the "Auto Pilot Drip Campaign Tasks" window. You can use the red check buttons on the right side to cancel campaign tasks.


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