LionDesk's Bulk Actions

LionDesk's Bulk Action features allow you to get a lot of work done quickly, and when combined with the right filters and email templates, bulk actions will be one of your best business partners.

The bulk actions button is found at the top of the "Contacts" section, and allows for you to:

To select contacts for bulk action, click the boxes in the left column. Once you've selected all the contacts, click the bulk actions button, highlight the action you want, and click the "For X Selected Contacts" button.

Using Filters for Bulk Actions

Combining filters and bulk actions is very powerful. It allows you to quickly arrange a very specific group of contacts and then text/email/edit them simultaneously. The best part is when you use a filter on your contacts, you no longer have to select individuals for a bulk action -- if your contacts are properly filtered, you can use the bulk actions button and select your action "For All X Contacts".

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