How to Make Sure Your Contacts Aren’t Slipping Away

There’s a helpful section in LionDesk that keeps you up to date on the status of your contacts and leads: the “Contacts Slipping Away” section of your dashboard holds data on all your contacts that might be forgetting about your business due to lack of communication. A lack of communication is no registered texting, phone calls, or emailing.

This section can be customized on the Settings tab. On the “Contact Activity Alerts” table you can choose how long a gap in activity can be before LionDesk alerts you that a contact might be slipping away. For instance, on the table, if your “Prospecting” contacts are set at “14 days alert,” LionDesk will notify you if you haven’t had communication with a contact you have labeled as prospecting in 14 days.

You can edit the length or turn this feature off entirely if you like.

Have all your contacts on some sort of drip campaign

This is probably the easiest and most effective. Drip campaigns work and they don’t have to be selling anything. While a month-long sales campaign is great for the contacts you have listed as new or prospecting, a happy holiday/simple newsletter campaign that goes out once a month is much better suited for your clients you’ve already closed with.

Be proactive with tasks

If having your closed clients on drips isn’t your style, that’s fine. This is where LionDesk’s tasks come in handy. Instead of automatically sending out prewritten emails, set tasks to remind yourself to send a quick “hope everything’s good with the new home” text message next month. This way you stay in touch, but the communication is more personal.

Have your contacts message you

You don’t always have to make the first step. Let your contacts know that they can always get in touch with you for any and all real estate questions. More contacts talking to you means staying in their minds, and staying in their minds means them recommending you to others.

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