Everything you need in your Email Signature

LionDesk is equipped with many convenient codes to plug into your emails. One of these is “{{emailsignature}}”, which automatically inputs whatever you have in the “email signature” section of your LionDesk profile.

Signatures are great tools for easily distributing information about yourself to your clients and contacts. However, there might be some information your current signature is lacking.

Include text AND photos

Just having your name and saying you’re a realtor or broker is a bit redundant. People know who you are from your email address and they know what you do from talking to you! Including a picture of yourself is a great way to personalize your messages and have your clients remember you. But some email providers won’t automatically download images, so make sure you have both text and pictures!

How to embed an image

You’ll want to have your image embedded in your email signature, not as an attachment. After all, who’s going to want to download a picture of you to their computer? To embed an image into your signature, upload your picture to the “Documents” tab of your LionDesk account. Then, when you select and view the image, it’ll have its unique URL. Copy this URL and in the “email signature” section of your profile, you’ll see an icon of a mountain and sun. Select the icon and paste the URL in the appropriate text box. Now the image is embedded!

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Have your images clickable

The images in your email signature can be more than pictures, they can also be buttons! With this, you can have anyone who clicks on your picture get linked to your website. This makes your signature look cleaner and more intuitive. Select the embedded image and then click the chain-link button in your toolbox. A window will pop up to input a URL of your choice.

Include social media links

Now that you know how to embed images and make them clickable, you can bring your signature to the next level. You can have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram icons in your email signature! Just upload them and embed them in your signature and have the URLs link to your social media accounts. This will look much more concise and professional than a list of a few webpages at the end of every email you send.

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