LionDesk Tasks: For When Sticky Notes Aren’t Enough

You may have seen quite a few references to assigning Tasks on LionDesk, but aren’t sure where to start. Here’s a quick yet comprehensive list from the LionDesk staff for how to best use tasks for your business!

First off, to create a new task go to your Tasks tab and click “new task”. Here you will find all the options for creating a new reminder for yourself.

The first thing on the pop-up window is the “Category” section. This is one of the most important yet overlooked sections of tasks. Choosing different Categories allows you to color-coordinate your tasks. This is especially helpful for when the tasks you create are automatically placed on your Calendar tab. Remember: you can create custom task categories in your Settings section.

Next you’ll write your task description and assign it to a team member, if you want. Making a task “public” will make it visible on your Calendar to your team members.

Tasks are particularly more effective than other reminders in that you can set LionDesk to remind you about them as they draw near. You can choose for LionDesk to text or email you about your upcoming task.

Task Buckets

Your LionDesk account has three built-in task buckets: Now, Later, and Sometime in the Future. Task Buckets are used to organize tasks that you may need to get done, but not on a particular date. Remember: you can create custom task buckets in your Settings tab.


  • For quick and easy collaboration, you can view tasks your team members have created. Click the “view” section at the top of the Tasks tab.
  • You can add tasks on Single Transaction Pages to keep your clients up to date on deals and properties.
  • If you prefer a more visual style for creating tasks, head over to the Calendar tab! You can drag the colored banners on the right into your calendar to create new tasks. These new calendar tasks will automatically appear on your Tasks tab as well.
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