The Most Effective, Efficient Emails

For many realtors, emails are both the means and the end. Even if you’ve been sending them out for years, you can always improve your emails. Here are four tips from LionDesk on how to dominate the emailing game:



People are busy; you’re busy, we’re busy. Make your emails as short and sweet as possible. Try this: when you finish writing an email, try to find a sentence to remove, there’s probably at least one. And that’s not all, try to have your point come across in the first sentence of the email. If you have a property a client could be interested in, tell them! Don’t bog down your point behind two or three sentences of fluff.

Use LionDesk’s Codes

LionDesk gives you an emailing superpower that you might not be aware of: email codes.  These are key phrases which automatically input variable information into your emails, such as {{firstname}} , {{mobilephone}} , and {{emailsignature}}. When you put these in an email, LionDesk takes the information from the contact you’ve messaged and fills out the email with it. Say you’ve sent an email starting with “Hello, {{firstname}}, how’ve you been?” to 50 contacts. Each contact will receive an email with their first name in the appropriate spot.

To see a full list of possible codes to use, click the “Create new email template” button in your Marketing tab. Then on the toolbox, click the “LionDesk” button next to the font and format buttons. Here you can input any premade or custom codes LionDesk has.


People like accountability. This is where drip campaigns become especially useful, if your clients begin expecting a weekly email update from you, they’ll be reliant and comfortable with your work. And with the aforementioned codes, you don’t worry about your campaigns coming off as robotic. But even without having leads on a drip, sending them a consistent, weekly update is a great way to build trust.


If you don’t have a reason to be messaging someone, there’s a good chance your email is being ignored or even being annoying. Make sure there’s a point to be made with your email and make sure that point is early on in the message. And remember, wanting to stay in touch is a reason! Maintaining your SOI is huge, even if it doesn’t seem like a concrete task.

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