Transaction Pages: An Extra Resource for Every Deal

An additional LionDesk tool you may not have noticed are “Single Transaction Pages”. These are customizable, individual pages you can use for transactions.

To find a single transaction page, view a contact’s profile and ago to their Properties Tab. Then click “View”. You will be taken to a page with all the information for that transaction, information on property activities, and property details. Click here for an example.

To create a single transaction page, go to the Properties Tab, create a new property and attach it to a client. The single transaction page is automatically created! Now you can add tasks as reminders about the property, link your clients and 3rd parties to the page’s unique URL, and your personal introduction will automatically show up on the page.


On your single transaction page, there will be a list of all associated current and completed tasks. It will list when the task is due, completed, and it will have a short description of the tasks.

If you start a Transaction Follow Up plan on the Property, you can choose to make some tasks private to yourself and some Public for your Clients and 3rd parties to see. To do this from within the main Properties Tab, click on the Next Task Due, to open the Property Task Plan, then click on the Green Pencil to edit the tasks of your choice.


Your bio will appear in the right column of the single transaction page. To edit this, go into your profile. What you write in the “introduction” section will transfer over to all single transaction pages. This is a good place to detail: your contact information, you experience with real estate, your general process for closing details, what you hope to gain out of your time with clients, or any other information you think others should know. Click here to see how to embed a picture of yourself into your introduction.


  • Remind your clients that every transaction page has a questions box! This is a great additional way for them to ask you a question while checking out the deal
  • You can make a new transaction page for every deal, so don’t worry about running out of space! Fill them up with as much information and tasks as you see fit.
  • When you mark a task as completed on LionDesk, the same task on your transaction page gets crossed off. Let your clients with the transaction page’s URL know this so they can stay up-to-date with the deal’s process.
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