Email Reporting: What Engages?

LionDesk's Reporting Section

For a full view of your LionDesk emailing statistics, go to your Reporting section and click on the "Email Reporting" tab. This has information on all the emails you've sent, which have been opened, if you’ve received spam reports, how many people have unsubscribed, and your email reputation.

Your email reputation is a score from 0 to 100 that rates how well your emails are received. Your score is calculated by spam complaints and unsubscribes you’ve received.

Search by email

You search for contacts that have unsubscribed, and even narrow it down to specific drip campaigns and dates. When you use this search technique, you can see how well your emails are received. There are columns for the number of times your leads have opened or clicked within an email. This is a fast and easy way to see which emails are the most effective.

Email timing

Select the number of opens and clicks to see the specific times when people are engaging with your emails. Now you can start forming an idea of not only which emails are working, but what times are the best to send out your emails. Keep these times in mind as you choose when the emails of your drip campaigns are sent out. You can send these drip emails out at precise times by selecting the "Specific Date" timing option.

Non-engaged Contacts

This is also an opportunity to see which of your contacts have unsubscribed from you, have reported spam, or simply aren't opening any emails you've sent. While you may not want to delete them and lose their contact information permanently, these are more than likely leads you don't need to be spending too much time on.


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