Publish your Drip Campaigns for Others

1. In your Marketing section, go to your "Auto Pilot Drip Campaigns" tab. 

2. Next to the campaign you want to share, click the actions button.

3. Click "Publish for Others" 

Public Sharing

When you publicly share your campaign, add tags and a description, then click "Publish!" It will be shared under the name you have it titled on your account. Your campaign will now be listed at the top of the red shared campaigns menu on the right.

Private Sharing

If you select private sharing, you campaign will still appear to others in their red shared campaigns menu, but they will need a special code from you to view the details and to download it. 

In the "code" box, write your private code that others will use to download your campaign. After you've published your drip, the code will be listed under your name in case you forget and to signify that it's privately shared.

The "D/L" column lists how many times a drip campaign has been downloaded.

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