How to Use Video Texting

Video and bulk texting are add-on features that must be purchased, for more information, click here.

Create a Video Text

1. Before you send a video text, you have to load a video text onto your account. To do this, go to your Communications section and click on the "Video Management" tab.

2. Under the Video Management tab, select "Record A Video" to create a new video with your webcam, or "Upload A Video" to upload a video you've already created.

3. A video uploading/recording window will appear. Select the video texts tab, then create your video! Check out our article on how to make an awesome video text here.

Your video will now be listed in the Video Management section. Now you can send it to your clients!


Send a Video Text

1. Go to your Contacts section

2. Next to the name of the contact you want to send a video to, check mark the box.

3. (OPTIONAL) You can also use this method for bulk video texting. Continue selecting each contact to video text or select all showing by following these steps: Check mark "All Contacts Showing Below" from the box that will appear on top of the contacts table.

4. Click the "Bulk Actions" button at the top, then got to "Text Contacts" and "Text XX Selected Contacts".

5. This will bring up the texting menu. To input a video text, select "Insert Custom LionDesk Content"

6. Then select "Personal Videos (New!)" and click the insert button next to the video you want to send.

7. The video title will now be listed in the messaging area beneath "Insert Custom LionDesk Content". Click Send!



Click here to see how to send a video text from the mobile app

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