How to Edit, Comment, View, Add Activity or Task and Add to List

You can Edit, Comment, Add an Activity, or a Task to your contacts individually by clicking on the icons right next to each contacts, by clicking the "Actions" icon.  A drop down will appear with different actions you can take.


  •  Edit Contact : When you Click on "Edit Contact" a new window will appear that allows you to edit basic profile information. 


 - Change the information you want to "Edit"

 - Click "Update & Save"


  • Add Activity

1- Choose the Activity you want to Add from : "Email Sent", " Text Message Sent", "Outbound Call Made", and " Inbound Call Received".

2- Then add a note if you like

3- When finished click "Add To Activity Log"


Write the comment you want and click "Save Comments" 



  • Add New Task

When you click on "Add New Task" another window opens

1- In the "Description" write what you would want to be reminded of

2- Then select "When" including time and "How" You would want to be reminded.

3- When finished click " Save New Task"


  • Add to Drip Campaign


  • Add to List


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