Contact Activity Log : Where to track Emails and conversation with your client?

The Contact Activity Log tracks and logs the communication between you and your contact.  You can see all the activity of the sent emails and text messages that are sent out via LionDesk, whether those emails have been Sent, Opened or Clicked, as well as the tracking of the Click-To-Call features.

  • All

Shows all the Sent, Opened, Clicked emails with their content, as well as the Click-To-Call and Texts tracking.

  • Sent

Displays all the Emails or Texts with their content sent via LionDesk to the contact

  • Opened

Displays just the emails that were opened by your contact.


  • Clicked

Shows you which link in the e-mail was clicked on by the contact

  • Calls

Displays all the calls made from LionDesk to the Contact.


  •  Texts

Displays all the texts made from LionDesk to the Contact





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