How to Add an Auto Pilot Campaign to a Contact from their "Personal Profile"

The Auto Pilot Campaigns are created in the “Marketing” page. Auto Pilot Campaigns are series of E-mails/Texts associated and set to go out automatically at a time you assign them, for marketing purposes.

Add new Auto Pilot Campaign to contact

 In the Contact's "Personal Profile", the “Auto Pilot Campaign” box is there for you to assign a campaign to that particular contact. It’s straightforward:

  • From the "Main Contact Page", click on the contact you want to assign an "Autopilot Campaign to"
  • The Contact's "Personal Profile" will open
  • Click on the “Add New Auto Pilot” in the left bottom corner of the box or on the “+” on the left top corner of the box and a new box will appear

  • Choose the Campaign you want to assign to that contact by using the drop down box of available Campaigns.

Sort and Filter

You can sort and filter your campaigns.

  • Sort by clicking on the arrows near to the description you want to sort by

  • You can filter by scrolling down the list in each of “Campaign” “Task” and
  • “Templates”



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