How to Add or Edit a Template in a Folder

1. Click on the "Marketing" tab in the navigation bar

2. The "Folders" page will open

3. Click on the icon “Templates” next to the folder you want to open

4. A box will open.


A- To create a new E-mail template or a new Text template

  1. Click on either the “Create New E-mail Template” or “Create New Text Template” located at the bottom of the template box.
  2. It will take you to the text builder part
  3. Create the Email
  4. Click "Save Template" 

For more details on creating a template from scratch, click here: Adding a Template


B- Edit any e-mail template or text template

  1. Click on the “Edit” icon located on the left of each template. It will take you to the editing part of the “Template Tab”
  2. Change what needs to be changed 
  3. Click "Save"


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