Configuring Your Profile Information

To edit your profile - in the upper right hand corner of LionDesk, click on your name and  select “Profile.”


Verify your First and Last name, Email, cell phone number, Texting Times, agent introduction, e-mail signature and upload your photo.

1) Phone Number

Your cell phone number is required in order to receive LionDesk Calls or Texts alerts.

Below your cell phone number - click on"Click Here to Validate Number for LionDesk Campaign Calling and Click to Calls." This will allow your caller ID to be shown to clients when you call them from LionDesk's Click-To-Call feature.

2) LionDesk Texting Number

LionDesk has a default phone number for texting. You can get a custom phone number for $5/month.

The only reason you cannot use your phone number, is because it's illegal to use somebody else's number to send text.

Select your "Texting Times" so you can control the time frame to receive new lead alert text. Use this if you don't want to get notified at midnight when a new lead comes in from Zillow, Trulia, etc. Make sure you always have an AM to PM Time-frame.

*For more details on the LionDesk Custom number - click here


3) Google Sync

If you have a Google account that you use for Emails, Calendar or Contacts - you can sync  with LionDesk. By signing in with Google:

   a) All your Client's emails via Gmail will be synced in and viewable in the contact profile page of your client, providing they are a contact in your LionDesk database.

   b) All your Google Calendar appointments and events will sync in and dispaly on your LionDesk calendar.

   c) You will be able to import your Google Contacts in LionDesk

    To Sync in you Google Account click "Sign-In With Google

*For more details on Google Sync - click here


4) Time Zone

Make sure to select your Time Zone, LionDesk will send emails and texts based on the timezone you have set up in your Profile. 

5) Texting Times

In order to receive new lead text - select a time frame to receive text.

*Note: Teams with "Force Auto Claim" will not receive new lead text. Please download the LionDesk phone app to receive new lead notifications.



6) LionDesk Daily Update email

If you would like to receive your "LionDesk Daily Activity email" - turn the alert on.

7) Email Signature

Click here for details on setting up your email signature.

Click here for details on adding an image to your email signature.






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