How to Create Auto Response Campaigns

Before creating an Auto-Pilot Campaign make sure to create your templates.

How to Create Email Templates

 ICreate a New Auto-Pilot Campaign

Under "Auto Pilot Drip Campaigns" You’ll find the campaign that we have created for New Leads. The default Auto Pilot Campaign created by LionDesk for you is “LionDesk Campaign: New Leads”.

 II- Create an Auto-Responder for your new Campaign.

You can Setup Auto Pilots to engage when leads are automatically entered into LionDesk from a supported Lead Provider.

 1. Click “Settings” on the nav-bar.

2. From there click on "Lead Distribution and Team Settings"

3. From there go to the window called "Lead Import Setup".

4. Click on the arrow to select the "Lead Source Provider"

5. Then click on "Add New Lead Routing"

6. A Window will open

  • Source : You are going to select the same "Lead Provider Source" you selected in Step 1
  • Campaign: The Selection of a campaign is optional. Select from the Drop Down an Auto-Responder that will automatically go out to the leads as soon as they come in LionDesk.
  • Distribution Setting:

- Individual: Choose that option if you are a solo agent and then stop here and hit "Save Lead Routing"                                                                  

- Team Rollout : Choose that option if you are a team of agents and would like the leads distributed among team members. Then Select Which "Distribution Method" and Which "Team" 

7. Hit “Save Lead Routing”.  

You’re done!  Now, leads automatically sent through the lead provider you choose to LionDesk, will automatically get a series of text messages and emails!

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