How to Create Email Templates

To create new templates

1- Go to "Marketing" section

2- Initially you will see the Folders that you use to organize your Email or Text Templates. 

A- From Within The Folder Tab

  • Create a New Folder or Use an Existing one
  • Click on "Templates" icon to view the templates associated with that Folder.

  • A new box will open that displays all associated Templates.

  • Click New Email/Text Template to Create a new Template.

B- The other option is to go directly to your templates by clicking the "Templates" tab on the "Marketing" page.  This shows you all your templates in table format.

  • To create a new template, click on “Create New Email Templates” or “Create New Text Message Templates” on the left top of the box.

  • An email Builder will open

  1. Enter a short description of what the template will be used for. For example, "Email #1 For reaching out to past clients".
  2. Type a subject line for the email.
  3. Fill in your email in the Body field.

A- From within your emails, you can add "Attachments"

B- From within your emails, you can add tags such as the customer first name, last name etc. by clicking on the “LionDesk” button from the headers of the email editor.

C- Your Email Signature will be added by default.

D- You can add picture to you Email.

E- You can add Videos to your Email.

F- You can Copy/Paste a whole text in your Email.

G- You can Embed a designed Template in your Email.

4.When you are done typing your template you need to select a folder to stash the Template in. Either select one from the drop-down list, or you can create one by clicking "Add New Folder"

  • Enter the Folder's name and it Description
  • Click Save
  • Now, select the folder you created (or an existing one)

 5. Click the “Save Template" button.


 You're all set! Now you can use this template to send out when ever you need it!

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