How to Apply a Workflow Plan To a Property

Create Follow Up Plans such as "Buyer Closing Plans", "Seller Closing Plans", "Listing Plans" and more. When you create a plan, you can associate it with a property so that tasks never slip through the cracks in your office.

  1. Create a Follow Up Plan
  • Under "Follow Up Plans", you’ll be able to see the Follow Up Plans that we have created for you. The default Follow Up Plans created by LionDesk: 45 Day Escrow, Buyer Closing Plan, and more.
  • You can use and edit any of the LionDesk Follow-Up Plans.

2. Assigning a Plan to a Property and a Client

  • In the Navigation bar, Click on "Properties"
  • Click "Property Manager"


  • Add a Property if you do not have an existing one.
  • To assign a Plan to a Property Click "Start Follow Up Plan" next to the property you created.


A window will open

  • Choose a Start Date and a Closing Date, add a Contact, and finally select a plan you want to assign to this property.

  • When finished click "Start Plan"; the plan will appear next to your property

  • If you click on the plan, 

another box will appear showing you all the tasks. These tasks are now associated with the property and the client and will also show on your LionDesk Calendar.


 This box shows all the "Tasks" in the "Follow-Up Plan" with their due date.

You can "Edit" or "Delete" a task by clicking on the respective icons  and  

  • When finished with a "Task", you can "Check mark" it as complete.
  • Click on the "Check Mark" icon 
  • The Task's text will be crossed out and the task moved to the bottom of the list 


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