How to Send an Email to a List of Contacts

  • From the main navigation bar go to Marketing > Contact List
  • Create a List
1- Click “Create New List” at the left top corner. A new box will open.


2- Enter the name you want to give to the “List” and a description; click “Save New List”


  • Add new contacts to the list 

A. 1- Click “Add New Contacts To List"; a window will open

2- Choose the list you want to add the contact to by clicking on the arrow next to “Select List”.

3- Choose the contacts you want to add to the list by clicking on the checkbox next to each contact. You can filter your contacts by using the Search Bar right above the Contacts table.

4- When finished click “Save Clients To List”.


 B. 1- Click on "Contact" in the main navigation bar

2- Filter by the Criteria of your choice

3- Check mark the boxes next to the names of the contacts you want to add to the list. OR Check mark the box next to "Contacts" To select them all. 

4- Click on "Actions" in the yellow box that appeared on top of the Contact List.

5- Select "Add To List" from the Drop-down 

6- A window will roll out for you to select the name of the List

7- Click "Save Contacts To List" 

  • Send an email to a list

1- Go to the "Communications" section and select "Contacts Lists"

2- Select you newly created contacts list from the drop down menu

3- All added contacts will appear in yellow

4- Select the green arrow next to the email you want to send, or write a new email in the text bo

5- At the bottom of the page, select if you want to send the email out immediately, schedule when it goes out, or set it up to be sent repeatedly.

6- When finished click "Send Email"

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