Hotness Levels

Hotness Levels can be used for quickly flagging clients 

You can add as many different levels as you want and associate any color of your choice to the level

LionDesk initially create three different levels for you: Hot, Warm and Cold

  • Add New Hotness Level

- Click on "New Hotness Category" 

- A window will open

- Give a name to the level, for example "Unresponsive" and associate a color to the level.


- When you are done just click "Add Hotness". The new level will appear in your list of "Hotness Level"

  • Edit A level

1- Click on the "Edit" icon next to the level you want to alter.

2- A window will open

3- Change the name or the color

4- When you are done click on "Update Hotness Badge"


Once you associate them to a contact, you can quickly filter your contacts by any of the levels.

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