Add members to the team

Teams allow you to share contacts, as well as distribute leads if you are the Creator/Owner of the Team.  You can create as many as teams as you want.

To get started, click on the "Settings" section and then continue to the "Lead Distribution and Team Settings" tab. 

To add members to your Team

1. Click on “Invite New Team Member”

2. A drop box will appear


  • For Brokers: You can invite agents to be a team member by:
        • Their name 
        • Their Email
  • For Agents: You can only invite other agents to be a team member by their email.
  • Note: If they are not a member of LionDesk, they will receive an email asking them to signup.  You will NOT see them on your list of team members invited, until they register.

3. Enter the name or the e-mail and click “Invite Member”.


If someone asks you to be a member of their team:

  • A new box will appear both on your “Dashboard” and in the “Setting” page. Either click “Accept” or “Decline” 

1. Dashboard

Your request will show in the top right box

2. Settings



  • Here is a sample email you will receive

1- Email you receive when you are a LionDesk Member


2- Email you receive when you are not a LionDesk Member



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