Dashboard Overview

Your Dashboard is the first page you see once you login

How to access your Dashboard from other areas of LionDesk.

The navigation bar is on the top left corner of the screen.

You can access your dashboard by clicking on “Dashboard” on the navigation bar or clicking the green button on top of the nav bar.

What Does Your Dashboard Contains:

  • Daily Vitals


The Daily Vitals is your personal tracker. It will at the end of your day give you an overview on all of your activity: How many new Contacts, Outbound calls, Outbound and Inbound Texts, Emails sent, opened and links in those emails clicked on.


  • Contacts Slipping away

LionDesk pulls up information from two different areas to alert you when your clients are slipping away and have no current activity. Activity is either a comment, an email, text message or phone call :

  • On A List of Contacts

In Marketing > Contact List, when you create a List, you can set a reminder of how soon you want to be notified if a list has no activity 

For example, let's say you have created a list for "Sphere of Influence" and set a reminder for 30 days, on the 31st day if there is no activity, LionDesk will notify you on your Dashboard as a contact who is slipping away.

  • On a Contact

LionDesk will also alert you when there is no activity on a specific contact "Status" 

In Settings, under Contacts activity alerts, You can set up the numbers of days for each status before LionDesk alerts you that there no activity.

  •  Expected Total Sales

The Expected Total Sales presents sales opportunities in a graphical format. It shows the value of your revenue from all deals in a particular month. It also shows the fluctuation of your revenue from month to month.

Dashboard Expected Total Sales is based on information put in the deals pipeline.

  • Contact Activity Log

The Contact Activity Log is a graphical format that tracks the values of the communication between you and all your contacts per month.  You can see how many emails and text messages were sent out via LionDesk, how many Emails have been Opened or Clicked, and how many Comments you have attached to your contacts. 

  • Current Tasks Due

Current Tasks Due shows you what tasks are due over the next 48 hours.  

- To complete a task, click the red check mark next to the due date.                      

- To edit a task click the green pen icon next to the due date.

A window will open

Edit what you need to change. When you are done click "Update Task" 

PS: You can also click on the name of the contact to jump directly to the contact.

- To add a task : Click "Add Task", a window will open, enter the information needed and click "Save"

  • Recent Contact Activity

Your recent contact activity includes emails opened, sent and clicked, as well as texts and phone calls and made via LionDesk.



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