How to Filter Contacts

  •   Filter Contacts:

  1. Click on the arrow next to “Filter Contacts” 
  2. Choose the option that suits you the best. - “contacts with no active campaign” or “last Email/Text sent” or “Last Comment” ...-
  3. Click on the “Filter Contacts” button and you will have a list of the contacts that apply to the criteria you have chosen. 


 Filter Options:

  • Contacts with no active campaign: Displays contacts with no future autopilot/drip campaign tasks for LionDesk to complete.
  • Contacts with no future tasks: Displays contacts with no call, email or text task set in the future for you to complete.
  • Last Email/Text Sent: Emails or Texts that have been sent via LionDesk between two dates. 
  • # of times Emailed/Texted: Minimum and Maximum times an E-mail/Text has been sent via LionDesk.
  • Hotness: Filter your contact by Hotness level "Hot/Cold"
  • Last Comment: Comments that you have added to a contact between two dates.
  • Number of times Commented: How many comments/notes that are on the contact.
  • Include Team Members Contacts: When you are a member in a team you can choose to either view only your contacts or view all your team members contacts.
  • Contact Status: You can choose to view only a specific category of clients on your main Contact Page. Choose which category New, Prospective, Active, Future, Closed/Inactive and Non Client 
  • Contact Type: You can choose to see only one type of contacts on your main Contact Page. Choose which type you want from: Agent, Appraiser, Inspector, Clients, Lenders, Title Companies.

For the purpose of an example, let's say you only want to see "Active" Clients on your main Contact List. You are going to :

1- Click on "Contacts" in the main navigation bar

2- Click on "Filter Contacts"

3- Go to Contact Status

4- Choose "Active"

 5- Click "Filter Contacts"

 6- You will then only see your "Active" contacts every time you go to your "Contact Page".


To remove or change the selection in Filter Contacts:

1- Click on "Filters Have Been Applied: Remove Filters"

2- Your whole list of Contacts will then be available

3- You can choose to filter your contacts by another feature or choose to see them all.

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