What are Follow Up Plans

Follow Up Plans help you with a process of your listing, purchase, or sale. You can create your own, or use one of the LionDesk supplied plans. 

Don't let another task slip through the cracks again.


View the tasks associated with a plan by clicking on "Tasks"

Edit the plan name or Delete the whole plan by clicking on the respective Edit/Remove buttons to the right of each plan.


Add a New Plan

  1. Hit the “Add New Property Plan” in the bottom left corner. A window will scroll down.                                                                                                                    
  2. Fill in the Name you want to give to the new plan.
  3. Click “Save New”. Your new plan will show in the list.


Add Tasks associated with the Plan

  1. Click on “Tasks” on the right of the plan’s name. Another box will open.


2. Click on “Add New Task”. Another window will scroll down.

  • You can choose to set a reminder for the task, either call, text or e-mail. Enter the description of the task and then choose to highlight it or not.
  • Choose how many days “After Start” or “Before End” you want the task to be completed.

3. When you are finished hit “Add Task”


Viewing the Plans Tasks:

Click on “Tasks” next to the respective plan. The list of tasks will appear on the right that are associated with the plan.

To Edit/Remove, clicking the “Edit” and “Remove” buttons.


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