Calendar Tasks

Tasks” is where you can see all your tasks, whether they are overdue, current, or upcoming. You can even see your already completed tasks

  • Filter or Search your tasks by “Due Date”, “Description” and “Customer” by respectively either clicking on the arrows or start typing in the box.
  • Edit or Remove a task by clicking respectively on the Edit/Remove button.
  • When a task is completed, click “Complete.” LionDesk will transfer this task to the “Completed” tab.


      Add a new task

 1- Click on “New Task” a new window will appear.


 2- Fill in the details:

  • Description of the task
  • When and at what time
  • How you would like to be reminded: call, text, or e-mail
  • Assign a customer to that task

 3- When you are finished, click “Save New Task”

You will see the new task appear in your lists of tasks

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