Uploading Files & Embedding Images

There are 3 Ways to Upload Files

1) From Your Computer

  • Select the folder you want to upload the files in by clicking on the arrow next to “select folder to save file in"
  • Click on the arrow in the blue cloud
  • A window will open, choose the file from your computer that you want to upload and click “open”
  • The file will automatically save in the folder you chose

2) Drag & Drop

  • Browse your computer; select the file; drag it to the blue upload icon in LionDesk
  • It will upload and attach automatically

3) Send Via Email

  • Send an email to Any attachments will automatically be added to the 'Uncategorized' folder. Note: It must come from Import will be delayed depending on file size (max 10mb).



There are 2 ways to Embed Images in an Email


  1. Copy/Paste the picture into the email. Make sure to use "Control V" for pasting.                


  1. Upload the picture into the "Documents" page in LionDesk.
  2. Click on the picture, it will open a new window.
  3. Copy the URL of that window 
  4. Go back to your template
  5. Click on the image icon in the text builder.
  6. A window will open 
  7. Paste the URL 
  8. Hit "OK"



    Images should be 500kb or less. (We recommend .jpegs over .pngs) Typically, embedded images can only be as large as 1mb. If images don’t appear when emailed, they are typically too large.
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