Add, Edit or Remove a Deal

In each Contact's Personal Profile page, you can See the contact's Deals, Add new Deals, Edit them or Remove them.

Deals are your purchases, sales, or other deals you have in your pipeline.

  • To Add A New Deal

- Click on "Add New Deal".

- A Window will Open.

- Fill in the information required

- When you are done click "Save New"

Your new deal will appear in the "Deal" box.

  • To Edit A Deal

- Click on the Green Pen icon next to the deal you want to edit.

- A window will open.

- Make the changes you need

- When you are done hit " Update".

- The changes will appear in the Deal box.

  • Remove A Deal

To remove a Deal just click on the red Trash Can next to the deal. A window will roll out asking you if you are sure just click "OK".

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