How to Send an Email

To send an email from the Profile page in the Contact tab:

1- Click on " Contacts" in the navigation bar

2- Search the Contact you want to e-mail

3- On the main Contact page, click on the name of the Contact, it will take you to the Profile page'

4- On the profile page, under the Contact's name, you will find three emails

The "Primary" Email and the "Secondary" E-mail are the Client's e-mails.

5- Click on either of the e-mail link or the icon " Email", it will open a page.


6- On this page you will find "Emails Templates" and an e-mail builder.

7- Select a template or write the email.

8- Select which e-mail address (Primary or Secondary) to send the e-mail to by clicking on the arrow, and the e-mails associated to the client will scroll down

9- When you are done just click "Send E-mail"


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