How do I Claim a New Lead?

Leads can be distributed via phone call, email, or text message.  When you get a new lead, there are two options.

1) Individual Distribution

If you are distributing the leads to yourself, as an Individual, you will get a text message with all of the information concerning that lead.  The lead's contact information will automatically be placed in your Contacts for you to view.

2) Team Distribution

As an Agent or Team Member, you will be notified of a new lead via phone call, email, or text message. To claim, you just need to click on the URL in the notification.


  • An alert stating, "You have claimed this lead!" will appear if you were successful claiming the lead and no one else has claimed it. You are then able to, click "View Contact Profile" to begin working that client.

  • If an agent has claimed the lead, you will be notified that someone else has already done so.


Example screenshot of successful lead claimed on phone.



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