Sales And Commissions

  •  Sales And Commissions

1- Individual Sales And Commissions

On top of the Pipeline View you will find an overview of your "Sales" and "Commissions".


In that overview, you can see :

- Your Total Sales and Total Commission

- And the Total Sale and Commission of Deals in each Stage 

- Sales and Commissions of your "Won" Deals


2- Team Sales And Commissions

If you are part of a team or a Broker and would like to see your team members Deals, Sales, and Commissions:

- Switch "Include Team Deals" icon from "No" to "Yes"

- You will then be able to see all your team members's deals.

- On top of the pipeline you will also find an overview of the Team's Sales and Commissions that includes:

  • Total Sales and Commissions of the whole team
  • Total Sales and Commissions of the team's deals in each deal stage.
  • Total Sales and Commissions of the team's Won Deals.

3- Filter Sales and Commissions

If you are only interested in seeing your Sales and Commissions (your Team Sales and Commissions) for a specific time, you can filter your deals.

- Just go to the filter box next to the Sales Overview

- Type in the dates in between which you want to see the "Sales and Commissions"

- Hit Filter

- You will then be cable of only seeing the amounts for that particular period of time.


For Example let say i wanted to see only my amounts for the month of august:

1- First I go to the Filter Box

2 - I fill in the dates 

3- I hit "Filter" and I should be able to see only my totals for that specific period of time.


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