Add, Edit or Remove a Deal

In the pipeline view, your deals are displayed by your different sales stages. This clearly shows how your team is doing and helps you focus on the right deals if an extra push is needed.

  • Add A Deal

 1. Click "Add New Deal"

 2. A window will open


 3. Fill out the information required

 4. If you do not have an "Existing Property" in LionDesk for this "Deal" and need to add one :

- Click on "Add New Property"

- Search for the Property by Community, Address, City or Zip

- As soon as you start typing the details of the property a Drop down will give you different options. 

               - Choose the address for you property

               - Hit Save 

5. When you are done filling out the information hit "Save New"

6. The new Deal will then appear in the deal stage you chose for it.

  •  Edit A Deal

 1. Click on "Edit" in the Deal box

 2. The Deal Window will open

 3. Change what you need to Edit

 4. Hit "Update"

PS: You can also edit the Deals Stages by dragging and dropping them into another Stage.  Any changes you make will be automatically saved for the next time you load the page.

  • Remove A Deal 

To Remove a Deal just click on "Remove" Icon

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