Email Marketing & Reporting

As you can see on the “Reporting” page you have:

  • Sent Summary: Displays how many emails where sent this week, month, and how many were sent in total
  • Last 30 Days: Displays emails that were sent/delivered, rejected, opened, and clicked. It also shows you the complaints and the unsubscribes

- Sent/Delivered: Shows you how many e-mails have been sent and delivered the last 30 days

- Hard Bounces/Soft Bounces: After a bounce occurs for a recipient email address, LionDesk stops attempting delivery of the email. Further email to that address will be rejected temporarily.

LionDesk utilizes a set of heuristics to determine whether a bounce should be classified as a soft or hard bounce. Generally, permanent errors such as invalid mailboxes will get classified as hard bounces, while quota errors and other temporary problems are treated as soft bounces.

Hard bounce rejections last longer than soft bounce rejections, and LionDesk doesn't automatically convert soft bounces to hard bounces. If you're seeing a lot of soft bounces to an address, it may be a sign that the address is unusable.

- Rejects/Complaints/Unsubscribes: If a message sent from your account bounces, the recipient unsubscribes or reports the message as spam, the recipient will be flagged as a rejection.

- Opens: Shows the number of e-mails that have been opened and seen

- Unique Opens: Shows the number of e-mails that have been opened and look at once

- Clicks: Shows the number of links that have been clicked on

- Unique Clicks: Shows the number of links that have been clicked one time

  • Hourly Quota: Shows how many e-mails can be sent/hour and how many have actually been sent
  • Search: Allows you to search the e-mails or Campaigns so you see the results faster if you are looking for a specific e-mail sent or to export your data on a particular campaign to view the results.
  • Email Results: Here you can see all the e-mails sent:
    • Their Status: Delivered or Bounced 
    • To whom they were sent
    • When they were sent 
    • Whether they were opened or not and if opened whether the links in the emails where clicked on.       


This e-mail was opened 25 times and had one click

To see the details of when it was open and what link was clicked on:

  • Click on "Opens/Click Details"
  • A new window will open with all the details

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