Contact Profile Overview

Here you find the personal information of the client and the ability to edit contact details 


  • Email

In the contact "Profile" tab you will find three emails

1- The first "email" and the "secondary email" are the client's emails

If you click on either of the email links or the icon "Email", a page will open


On this page, you will find "Emails Templates" and an email builder

You can either send a template to the client or write an email

You can choose which email address to send by clicking on the arrow to the right of the "To" field. The emails associated to the client will be listed

When finished click "Send Email"

2- The third email listed is for attaching documents and emails to clients. In your 3rd party email system (Gmail, Outlook, Etc...), BBC "" to automatically save emails and attachments to clients. Only the owner of the contact is able to save the emails and attachments to contacts.

  • Phone

Next to the client's phone number, a "Call" icon can be found. This feature allows LionDesk to dial contacts for you. Simply click "Call", Liondesk will call you; you will then need to push "1" for LionDesk to call the client. If you don't push "1" or don't answer your phone, the call to the contact will not be completed. If you have verified your number within LionDesk Settings, your phone number will appear on the contacts phone.

 You will also find a "Text" icon to text the contact:

1- Click "Text" icon

2- A window will open

3- Type your Text

4- Click "Send Text"

Your text will be sent from LionDesk number 954-210-5188. You will receive responses from the contact in attempt to reply or contact you directly to the phone registered in LionDesk

  • Owner

The owner of the contact is the only one who can edit the data such as client name, number, source, etc. To change the ownership of contact:

1-Click on green pen next to "Contact Owner"; a window will open

2- Choose the team member you want to make owner of the contact

3- Click "Update Owner"

  • Assign to

This functionality is perfect for teams and brokerages. Use this if you wish to retain ownership of this contact, but assign it to another team member so they can modify the contact data. To Assign a contact to an agent

1- Click the green pencil next to "assigned to"

A window will open

2- Choose the team member you want to assign the contact to

3- Click "Update Assigned"

  • Shared With

Sharing your contacts allows a second party to see your contact's information.

You have three sharing options:- Make this contact "Private"

                                              - Share it with your team

                                              - Share it with an individual outside your team

By default all contacts are shared with team members

  •  Tags

Add tags to your contacts to sort, filter, keep track of their interests, and their types. Tags make it easier to match a property to a client. For example, set a tag for “150K” for all the contacts that are looking to spend that amount. When a property is listed for that amount, sort your contacts by the tag to make it easier to find who would be a good match. Add as many tags as you want. Edit them or remove them as well.

  • Spouse Info

This field is dedicated to the Spouse of your client and their personal information

To edit or input the "Spouse" info:

1- Click the green pencil; a window will open

2- Fill out the information

3- Click "Save Data"


  • Social Data

Your email address has a real person behind it. Find out more about them. LionDesk automatically returns social data from more than 100 sources, giving you a complete picture of your contact.

  • Never Contacted

An icon will appear next to any contact's name whom you've never contacted

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