How to Assign a Hotness Level to a Contact

1- On the Contact page, click on the name of the Contact you want to assign a "Hotness Level" or on the icon "View" next to the name

2- The Personal "Profile" page of the client will open

3- On top of the Contact Information Box you will find a "Contact Hotness" Icon


  • Contact Hotness

Contact Hotness are levels that can be used for quickly flagging clients that are "Hot", "Warm", "Cold" etc. The levels are customizable in the "Settings" page of Liondesk. Associate a level to every client by clicking on the arrow next to "Contact Hotness" 

The "Hotness levels" will drop down.

Click on the level you wish to assign

The level will appear on the top.

It will also show next to the Contact in your main contact table.



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