How to Add Quick Tasks

On the contact profile details, there are quick task buttons above the contact's name 


- Add Activity: You can use the Quick Task to add a new activity too.

Click "Add New Activity"; a window will open

Choose the activity type and write a note. When finished click "Add To Activity Log".

The activity created will appear in the Contact Activity Timeline 

- Add New Task:  Add a Task by clicking "Add New Task"; a window will open

Select a Category if it applies; Add a Description of what the task is as well as Notes; You can assign the task to a team member or keep it as Optional Team Member for it to task yourself; Select whether you would like to make this task public; select the "Reminder" type for how you wish to be remaindered and include "When?" for date and time. Select this task for a specific date, as recurring, or place in a bucket. When finished "Save New Task"

- Start Campaign: You can start a campaign. Click "Start Campaign"; window will open. Select the campaign for the dropbox and then click "Add Auto Pilot"

- Add Deal: You can attach a deal directly to a contact by clicking on "Add New Deal"; a window will open.


Fill out the information required and when you are finished click "Save New". The new deal will appear in the Deal box on the contact profile page as well as on the Deal page.

- Add to List: Lists are created in the "Marketing" tab of LionDesk. A list is a group of contacts you are assigning the same particular email campaign to. 

To add a contact to a list on the contact profile page:

1- Click "Add To List"

2- A Window will appear

3- Select a List from the dropdown box

4- Click "Save Clients to List"

Merge: Click on this option to merge duplicate contacts. 


You may find contacts by using the searchable options under Duplicates; by searching the contacts name in By Contact; or by selecting multiple contacts in Selected

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