Phone: Calling and Texting From LionDesk


  • Call:

1- On the navigation bar go to " Contacts"

2- Search for the Contact you want to Call. 

3- Click on the blue cell phone next to the number, Liondesk will call your phone toconnect you with the Client



You will find the client's phone number with a "Call" icon next to it. By using the LionDesk click to call functionality, LionDesk will call you. You will then need to push "1" to be connected to the contact.  If you don't push 1, or answer your phone, the call to the contact will not be completed.  If you have verified your number in your LionDesk Settings area, your caller ID will appear on the contacts phone.


  • Text

 You will also find a "Text" icon. To text the contact:

1- Click on the "Text" icon

2- A window will roll out

3- Type your Text

4- Hit "Send Text"

Your text will be send from LionDesk number 954-210-5188. But you will receive directly to your phone registered in LionDesk all texts and calls made by the "Contact" in attempt to reply or contact you.

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