Texting Number / Text Alerts

  • LionDesk Texting Number

LionDesk provides a default phone number to try texting through LionDesk. LionDesk will not be able to send text messages from a phone number that is already owned by you or anyone else. You will need to get a custom phone number for $2/month to continue texting through LionDesk. The fee is payable as a one time payment for the whole year ($24). By paying for your custom texting line, you are also available to take advantage of our "text 2 sell" feature found in the Marketing section.


  • Texting Times

You can set up a time frame in "+" for when you want to receive texts alerts. Use this if you don't want to get notified at midnight when a new lead comes in from Zillow, Trulia, etc. Make sure you always have an AM to PM Time-frame.

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