Texting Number / Text Alerts

  • LionDesk Texting Number

LionDesk provides a default phone number to try texting through LionDesk. LionDesk will not be able to send text messages from a phone number that is already owned by you or anyone else. You will need to get a custom phone number for $2/month to continue texting through LionDesk. The fee is payable as a one time payment for the whole year ($24).

In order to purchase a custom number, please email and let us know what area code you want. You will find your texting number in your profile page for future reference. By paying for your custom texting line, you are also available to take advantage of our "text 2 sell" feature found in the Marketing section.


  • Texting Times

You can set up a time frame in "+" for when you want to receive texts alerts. Use this if you don't want to get notified at midnight when a new lead comes in from Zillow, Trulia, etc. Make sure you always have an AM to PM Time-frame.

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